Contacting every day people considering the opportunity to build a new home, office, or shop, we have decided to present our opinion how you should make a choice.


        In the era of communication when the significant amount of data and facts invade at speed our lives, sometimes the information proves to be almost as misleading as the lack of it. At the same time the absence of experience is “visible” even trough the “good” conversance. This is why the decision when to trust and to whom, depends on the next key issues:


Ø Lay your expectations on workable basis and give an answer of the questions:

1. What is the size of the investment you have at disposition?

2. What exactly do you need to feel satisfied and the investment to be acceptable to you?

3. What is the situation on the real estate market /supply, demand, prices/?


Ø  Find out who stays in front of you – history of the producer, current legal condition, presence on the market. The construction of the house is a long-ran project, the face to face contact gives you a chance for sensible estimation and is necessary still in the early stages when the lines of the future collaboration are to be traced.


Ø What has been offered to you? Demand the facts about the technology and the stages of the construction works to be clear and perspicuous.

There are usually dozens of options thanks to the capacity of the industrial production today. A critical review will help you to decide what is indeed enough to you. Have a look at ready house or at house in process of assembling but take into consideration that it is a result of someone else’s possibilities and preferences so it may not be a reflection of your own dreams.


Ø “Easy /without engagements/, cheap and of good quality” are not compatible conceptions when the question is about safe and comfortable home but is a matter of professionalism the producer /builder/ conscientiously to offer to you the best solution corresponding with your preferences, finances and the low requirements.  


        We erect our houses in accordance with the engineering designs and the agreed with the customer’s conditions. The engagements for the execution of the envisaged project assumed by both sides are accurate, with defined terms and bound with final competitive price.